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£1,342.00 (EX. VAT)

Ground level loading trailer

contentModel shown includes powder coating (from £310.00), alloy wheels (£80.00 upgrade) and motorcycle chock (£85.00). All ex vat. Prices start from £1342.00 (ex vat) and includes steel wheels and Galvanised finish.

The Motorbronx 500 makes ground loading and transport of Motorbikes, Quads and other heavy loads safe and easy. Our patented Motorbronx Kneeling Axle rotates on a precisely calculated pivot point lowering the whole trailer to ground level. This dramatically reduced incline allows bikes to be easy driven on and off by a single individual. The highest quality materials, engineering and finishing allows you to transport your Motorbike with safety and style.


Discover Motorbronx

Introducing the next generation in ground loading trailers

The Motorbronx 500 is the next generation in Motorcycle, ground loading trailers. Now load and transport your pride and joy with safety and style. The streamlined tubular chassis is laser cut, CNC folded, welded and hot dip galvanized providing a hard wearing, longer service life whilst guaranteeing safety on the move. Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK all trailers are stress tested in static and live conditions.

Kneeling Axle

Ground load your bike with ease

The Motorbronx Kneeling Axle is a mechanical, ground loading, kneel down axle technology allowing for easy, one-man operation. Using a precisely calculated pivot point the entire trailer can be lowered to ground level using a small, drill operated, Kneeling Motor. The small angle of incline makes easy work of loading the heaviest bike or cargo. The suspension system comprises of two R-flex Insert, rubber in compression suspension axles providing a quiet, stable and smooth ride with excellent handling.


Kneeling Motor

Make light work of even the heaviest loads

The Kneeling Axle allows the entire trailer to be raised and lowered to ground level in seconds via a manually operated Kneeling Motor. The Kneeling Motor is operated by a standard drill and drill bit. Using a precisely calculated pivot point the trailer boasts a load lifting advantage of 20:1 making the heaviest bike or cargo easy work.


Motorbronx Chock

A trailer tailored to your needs

The Motorbronx chock is bolted directly to the steel chassis ensuring your bike or bikes are securely fastened to the trailer. The double clamping wheel chock takes complete care of your vehicle while allowing for easy loading and unloading. One, two or three chocks can be mounted side-by-side allowing a Motorbronx trailer to load and transport multiple bikes if needed. The Motorbronx chock is also available in a variety of colours and finishes allowing you to transport your bikes in style.

Personalise Options

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    Rather than a standard galvanised finish you can choose to personalise your Motorbronx chassis with a variety of powder coated colours. We can even match a specific RAL colour when supplied.Learn More
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    All Motorbronx trailers come with standard steel rims but can be upgraded to specific alloys if needed. Learn More
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    The Motorbronx Chock

    Install one or many chocks on your Motorbronx to fit your requirements. Choose between a galvanised steel or powder coat colour of your choice. Learn More

Key Features

  • 1. Tubular Frame
  • 2. Number Plate
  • 3. Securing Points
  • 4. Base Board
  • 5. Securing Bolts
  • 6. Mudguards
  • 7. Lighting
  • 8. Hitch
Tubular Frame
All chassis are computer designed, stress tested in static and live conditions. 80, Laser cut securing / attachment points allow your bike or cargo to be securely fastened. The chassis is laser cut, CNC folded, welded and hot dip galvanized providing a hard wearing, longer service life.
Number Plate
A number plate panel at the rear of the trailer can be easily positioned to a vertical or horizontal position when loading and unloading. The number plate is also illuminated.
Securing Points
80, Laser cut securing / attachment points allow your bike or cargo to be securely fastened.
Base Board
The trailer base board is a hard wearing, non-slip, resin impregnated plywood floor.
Securing Bolts
Securing bolts ensure the Kneeling Axle is tightly secured into position while in transit. These can be removed easily by screwing on and off when loading and unloading your bike or cargo.
Plastic mudguards remove any unwanted splashing to the vehicle.
A lighting cluster at the rear of the trailer provides all legal requirements for UK and Europe road use.
A standard hitch lock allows the trailer to be securely fastened to the towing vehicle.

Extra Information

Overall Length3300mmOverall Width2020mmRoad Clearance Height325mm
Length (Excluding Hitch)3000mmWidth (Excluding wheels)1300mmWheel DiameterØ 580mm
Length (Base Board)2600mm
Weight225kgLift Advantage20:1Suspension viaRFlex Insert
Maximum Load750kgSafety Factor4:1Suspension TypeRubber Insert
Suspension SupplierPeak Dynamics